Find the opportunity!

Thoughts on Going For Better ...  Every Day!


Who ?



Every day you have an opportunity to improve.  It may be something small like telling yourself that today will be a good day.   It may be something larger like learning something new or exploring a new place.  Whatever your day brings, look for ways to appreciate and grow ... you!

Your Circle

You circle includes those whom you love.  Look for opportunities to encourage and support them.

Your circle is the people whom you love.  Look for opportunities to encourage and support them.  Share a happy thought with them.  Send them a special message.  Let them see themselves through your loving eyes.

Your World


The world is full of opportunities to have a positive impact.   Smile at a stranger.  Donate to a cause that speaks to your heart.  Treat each encounter as if it were  a precious gift.  Appreciate life.

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